About us

It all started at the end of 2010. Our team of young engineers, who have been sailing on Lake Balaton for a long time, dreamed of a simple ship's instrument. We wanted to see and measure basic wind information. By combining our knowledge of electrical engineering, IT and mechanical engineering, we created the instrument that perfectly measured the direction and speed of the wind. The work paid off. Our boat became sharper and faster, and thanks to this our team was able to stand on the podium several times. At that time, we didn't know how complex a sailing instrument was, so we took it easy on the further development of the product. We dreamed of a ship's instrument that measures and calculates all of the ship's parameters, thereby helping the work of the helmsman and the deckhand. After all, it can't be that hard... we thought!

After long development, tests and sleepless nights, the day arrived in 2012, when the data appeared on the multi-functional instrument. The instrument is clean and has an elegant carbon cover. Connection and usage are simplified. The instrument has become much more beautiful and more versatile. Several larger manufacturers compete with similar instruments. But our instrument family shows the apparent and real wind, measures the speed and direction of the ship, the distance traveled, and has an accurate starter timer.

The development did not stop there. We proudly presented our wireless anemometer at the 2015 Boatshow, where our product won second place in the novelty competition. We are also particularly proud of our depth gauge, which can be installed without drilling the boat. However, the instruments are still being further developed. There are still many opportunities given by technology, new ideas and unique ideas are constantly coming...

Our successes so far