NaWifi 2 smart anemometer

UV resistant
Wireless communication (WiFi)

Price : 390 EUR (VAT included)


NaWiFi is a combination of a sailing wind meter and a WiFi module with a web server. This unique navigation device sends the data it measures directly to your mobile phone or tablet. The data meets all your needs for racing or hobby sailing. All this for a fraction of the price of traditional systems with similar knowledge.


  • Sending wind speed and wind direction data directly to your mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Sensitive, low-resistance wind scoops that detect even the slightest air movement
  • High precision wind data (direction and speed)
  • Works with all software that processes the NMEA 0183 format (such applications are available for both iOS and Android)
  • Robust construction: no battery or battery, no sliding or wearing contacts, the device is powered by a cable
  • It is easy to connect: after switching on, it appears in the WiFi hotspot\t list of your mobile device
  • Its consumption is low, equal to the power consumption of an LED bulb
  • Light, light weight
  • Technical data is clearly visible from all points of the deck thanks to its protruding console
  • Consumption: 100mA at 12V power supply
  • Straight direction measurement accuracy: 1 degree
  • Wind speed measurement accuracy: 0.1 knot
  • Data transmission frequency: 1Hz

Technical data

  • Data standard: NMEA 0183
  • WiFi range: 80 meters
  • Recommended battery voltage: 12V (6-24V)
  • Gross (packaged) size: 640 x 230 mm
  • Net weight: 290g

Connectors and cables

  • 1 pc sealed, waterproof connector for connecting the mains cable and NaWiFi (included)
  • 12 m 2x0.75 mm2, double insulated power cable (included)

User manuals